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Where to Buy
carr-day-martin   Carr & Day & Martin is the UK’s oldest company involved in the manufacture of horse care products, have held a Royal Warrant since King George IV.  They have an in-house development team, manufacture their own product in their own factory in UK.
Carr & Day & Martin premium products are Britain’s favorite horse care brand, leaders in horsecare for over 245 years, are now coming to here in Japan.
christ   CHRIST has been producing high-quality garments made of leather and lambskin for over 5 decades.  Range of medical lambskin products and riding products are started in ‘90s.  Their lambskin products feature superior therapeutic qualities.  They stimulate blood circulation, are breathable and hardwearing, create a natural cushion of air, reduce pressure points and sores.
CHRIST lambskin products are developed in close consultation with riders, therapists and partners in the trade from around the world.
horseware   In 1985, the horse rug industry was changed forever with the establishment of Horseware® Products Ltd. by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. 
By 1996 the Rambo® Turnout had become the world’s best selling Turnout rug and its design has become the industry standard, with other manufacturers having no other choice than to trail in the footsteps of Rambo® when it comes to rug production, quality and development.
“Innovation not Imitation” product improvements being undertaken with the aim of making life easier for your customers and more comfortable their horses.